Wake Up! / by Kathy McConnell

To wake is to come out of slumber - wake up!

The sails are raised and Make a Wake, the sailboat, is making a wake on the Lake of Lucerne. I was anxious about both the sails for countless reasons. Lying away at night trying to pre-solve potential problems. Technical questions I could not answer until we were sailing along with the wind whipping the fabric around. But now I am free - all is well! The boat looks beautiful and reflects the colors of the lake, mountains, sky and clouds. The shimmering discs make a subtle noise, almost like rustling wheat fields or small leaves fluttering on a birch tree. There are large black flying crow silhouettes on the main sail - free and flying as they do. The second sail is covered in iridescent reflective discs which glitter like sparkles on the surface of the water. This sail is like an ocean in itself - waves moving back and forth in constant movement from wind power.

I’m driven to bring my art into the public sphere. The true story of the art relies on the people who see it. This work is for anyone who comes across it. I have no control over the environment, weather, number of eyes that will view it. I do have control over the manifestation of my vision and the quality of the piece. The communal spirit of Lake Lucerne is palapable, all eyes are always looking out on the lake. Like staring out across the ocean, or any body of water, perspective and the horizon, glassy lines across the landscape - have always brought on introspection, hope, inspiration. You - me -we, is the umbrella which current work lives. I want to be a part of the intersection of being “a wake,” art/nature/ community/environmental awareness / sustainability / creativity & action.

The sails will be flying all summer here on Lake Lucerne, please come see them!