Crows Project

Crows are universal connectors between all of us on this planet.

3 giant black crows -

On a flatbed crossing the country, wandering, making stops along the way, interacting with people and places. Immersive and destabilizing artwork. Final destination - Palo Alto - where the residents complain about their “crow problem.” What is all of the hullabaloo!?! The art is on the move, audience activated, going out into the world. The art’s journey is unknown - and journey is what it’s about.

Crows are smart -

Possibly the smartest birds in the world, brave risk takers, collaborators, creative - make tools to achieve their goals, enjoy playing, create their own language, have facial recognition, and some believe they are magical. Boundaries and borders mean nothing to crows. Maybe within the problem of the crows lies the gift of the answers.

Throughout history, crows have been seen as messengers.

Technology’s ever-increasing speed and range highlights how intimate our planet truly is - and that we are all in this together. With global concerns about human migration, famine, ideological persecution, and violence, how can we work together for future peace in the world? There has never been a moment in time like this one, where we are knowledgeable and capable of the ingenuity to solve problems. If we take a moment to listen, maybe the crows have something to tell us…

Share crow stories and/or ideas about human migration and creative compassionate ideas for our borders.



We will be posting along our journey. So far we will be stopping in New Orleans, Austin, Marfa, and El Paso - ending our trip in the Bay Area.