MAKE a wake / by Kathy McConnell

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Breathtaking. You could just stand there in awe and not do anything and just look around day after day after day……..But, I am not a bystander. I like to activate space, play, confront and reveal - I like to challenge the status quo. The desire to make change for the better, to reveal injustices, to urge people to see themselves in others comes from my own reckoning of what I see to be a fact and the future of our planet - we have to see ourselves as a part of everything. At this moment in time, we are able to make the world a better place for ourselves, all living creatures, and the future of everything.  

MAKE a wake  is a time sensitive, kinetic sculptural piece. It involves forces of nature and the senses and the elements: sun, light, wind, water, movement, reflection, smell. It will never be the same, like a live performance. Like a song. It is ever changing like every moment of every day. It is different from every perspective, like each individuals experience. Relative. Relative to where you are, who you are. 

This is my second stay at this petit artist hut on the edge of Lake Lucerne. Last  time I stayed mainly inside the haus turning it into my studio, staring across the lake and watching things change. I also researched the area extensively, looking for cultural and geological stories and ideas to weave into my work. After I left this special spot - the magnificence of the location in combination with my experience with Swiss people dovetailed into a vision for this current project. This time I come prepared to dive into the lake! 

Buckminster Fuller - he was the artist/designer who first made me realize how we are already there - able to do this. It’s just the willingness to be awake. To have courage. To be brave and step up for all that is to wake is to come out of slumber- to wake up!