You - Me - We We are all connected - The Border Wall / by Sylvi Herrick

“Try to learn to let what is unfair teach you.”

David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest


Sick and tired of the media’s polarizing reports about where people stand “the wall” - I have hit the road with the crows.  We are here in Marfa today - artists and art lovers from near and far are also here. A small town full of creative collaborators, should be a perfect place to create positive change. Art can change the world  -  I know this because it has changed mine.

The title of the 3, 7 foot crows, is You - Me - We. Our first human concept is this - there is you (the other) and that means there is me ( I) and that thought leads to we (us - as a collective group.) Even though technology connects people (and only people) more and more in ideas - it is ironic that our physical boundaries and borders feel more exclusive than ever. We need to talk about all the things we are scared to talk about - now! The wall, and archaic idea which will not function as a way to control “us” or “them” - and everybody knows that. Crows would use it as a perch, the highest platform to see from - a wall would be good for crows. 

Crows are unique individuals, like us, and they work together in cooperative groups. They have their own language, facial recognition, quick response to making tools to get what they want, they are grateful and leave gifts, and remember cruel individuals - even spread that information amongst the group and to their babies. Crows choose to have the highest nests, and they warn other animals of predators. Maybe people should learn the way of the crow? 

Since I built the crows and have been inviting people to come together, and  open up about their honest ideas about humane,  intelligent and creative ideas about how to deal with our borders and human rights (the same subject) - I have been surprised by how many new approaches I have heard!

The subject is dear to my heart and soul: my grandma was born in central Mexico, my mother is a refugee, and my husband is an immigrant. My MFA thesis was on borders, or the man made creation of them - therefore our ability to change them. Borders are not universal law. Caring about people is. 

For centuries people have been getting borders wrong. Walls just trap those inside. It is time to get it right!

Please join in and share your own crow stories and ideas on my website!