Crows Project - Ready or Not / by Kathy McConnell

Scared and excited, anxious and open for encounters with all types of people and all kinds of stories about crows AND ideas about the wall, creative solutions that reflect the melting pot that this country is.


Nothing is ready to go - still don’t have my truck secured - the one that will tow the crows in the open trailer! Not even sure of the entire route and still don’t have a place to stay in New Orleans which is on April 1 - April Fools Day - only 5 days away!!! I’ve made t-shirts that aren’t done yet, and signs to go on the car, and stickers - none done yet!! Just have to keep moving forward!

Crows, universal connectors between everyone on this planet, magical, messengers - I have to be brave and believe they will activate the place wherever we go.