Displaced from the art studio / by Sylvi Herrick

What a fool I was! Look - I am going to make art every day no matter what. I am going to work towards having a show, an event, a way to have a gathering of people so the art is seen and ignite spark for conversation, connection, and the exchange of ideas - not to mention sales of art to people who revel in the power of living with art. Now, I don’t have time at this moment but soon I promise I’ll try to explain how I got here - to this latest idea for an “art show.”

Discovering art in unexpected places has always been magical for me. A cool surprise or a gift - I get to experience fresh eyes and spirit. Nothing like a train passing by that becomes a moving art show full of graffiti, one long moving tattoo. I also LOVE making a journey to see a piece of art I’ve heard about. Embarking on a trip to experience some art that may or may not resonate - but through the stories I’ve heard, the images I’ve seen, the art is intriguing enough to motivate me to get on the road, for me that is very cool.

Funny how the motivation to leave is just a wee part what ends up being the story! Well, so far, creating this project that I will launch in April, is unfolding in an unpredictable way. It is not like starting a new body of paintings - sweeping my studio, gesso-ing canvases, cleaning brushes and making sure I have all the paint I need. Cranking music and getting hardcore. Nope. Let’s just say it’s all been turned upside down.