Drawing & Sculpture

What you see is what you get.

Sculpture is mostly contrary to drawing in which a line represents so many things honestly: speed, weight, feeling, confidence and insecurity. Drawing is portable, forever personal. Add, subtract, add, subtract. I like how direct and elemental drawing is. Imagine how many ideas and dreams, songs and novels, have come to life with a pencil! Sculpture is a more slippery and vulnerable medium due to gravity and its relationship to environment. There must be a conceptual dialogue between a location and the art that lives on it. Drawn to primitive rocks and slabs - reminders of time and cosmic energy, often rocks are a component of my work. Simplicity is tranquil, feels good. Silence can bring on heightened awareness which also feels good. I aim for these sensations in my sculpture. Often negative space is best illuminated by form and sculpture. I believe in site specific sculpture because in its best form it amplifies feeling of a place, the active discovery being a part of the journey. Iā€™m all about that.