ideas and materials

Threads Between

I am fascinated by the human traces left in the wear of vintage bed sheets — intimate antiques, a history of daily lives. Porous lacy skin’s skins — meticulously hand made for a body by a body — intended for the outside of the body stained by our insides. Immortalizing a handkerchief can turn it into a territory where seemingly disparate and discreet worlds can overlap. As each human physiognomy is individual, so is each piece of fabric I recover. Silken, rough, tissue thin, linen, cotton and silk. In a way, a worn bed linen shows the absence of life — holds secrets, passions, comfort and absence. Gone are the owners, the weaver, and even the flax field. With wonder about the past, I am trying to press life back in.

As a mirror — visual, physical and mystical — I am curious about water in all of its states: flowing, frozen and vaporous. Our bodies are mainly water. Water is not tethered by human time; gazing into it one can see the archaic, present moment, and what might come to be. Water is in constant flux, it never stops. I use water with pigment, paint and drawings to create images of moving water. Through historically inspired imagery, I attempt to pluck it out of the machine of everyday life and crystallize it into a poetic realm where there is sense between the body, water, and the flow of life.